"How much will it cost?"

The price simple reflect the time I need to spend with your dog to make my work right and make you and your dog happy and completely satisfied!
I can properly estimate the work required and can give you a final quote when I see your dog. Please do not expect a proper quote over the phone!

There are a few factors that have smaller or larger impact on the price:

  • Type of work needed: Hand stripping/clipping/etc
  • Easiness of handling (bath/blow-dry/combing/etc)
  • Size of the dog
  • Type and length of hair
  • Matted hair or lack of (regularly brushed)
  • Sensitive skin
  • Other "issues" like fleas, biting, anxiety, (lack of) socialization

As you might well guessed if your dog is regularly combed and groomed it will cost you less. If it is in bad condition I need more time to do it and it will cost you more.

What I can say is that on average the regular grooming of a small dog will cost about £40-£50, a medium-sized dog about £45-£60 and a large dog about £70-£80.

Remember, that "regular" usually means grooming in every 6-8 weeks.

Nail cutting is £15-£20 (for dogs), £20 (for cats).

Self-service bath and dry from £20 - depending the size/coat of the dog.