Confidental/Legal information


There is a 24 hour CCTV operating in the salon. This serves the purpose of easily settling insurance/crime issues.
We only share images/video footage with the police in case of crime and with the insurance company in case of a disputed event has happened.

Data collection (Web-site)

This web-site does not use cookies and does not collect any information about you.

Data collection (Salon)

We require every new customer to fill in a card about the dog and the owners most important details, like

  • Dog name, breed, sex, age, colour
  • Vaccination status
  • Known health issues
  • Vet name/address (to be used only in case of emergency/referral)
  • Owner's name, address, phone number
You give us consent to use these data when necessary. We are only sharing this data when necessary (e.g. emergency).

Your mobile number

We use your mobile number

  • to send you a reminder message 1-2 days before your appointment is due.
  • We use this number to send an e-bill if you pay with card because the salon has a paperless card machine.

Protecting your dog

We are giving back the dog only to the person who brought it into the salon!
If it is expected that someone else (like you spouse, child, dog-sitter, etc) will come to pick up your dog please do not forget to tell us about it and preferrable share a password, so only the person knowing this password can pick up your dog!

Liability insurance